Non-Pressurized Or Pressurized Stainless Steel Solar Water Heater; Which Is Better?

Solar Water Heater And Its Systems
January 9, 2019
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Non-Pressurized Or Pressurized Stainless Steel Solar Water Heater; Which Is Better?

Chinese Pressurized Solar Water Heater

The progress of green energy is getting efficient and affordable with passing years. Same is the case with solar energy; it has its drawbacks when considered as the main source of supplying energy to the households. However, starting step by step may have considerable advantages and when one of these steps is getting a stainless steel solar water heater.

Why Choose Stainless Steel Solar Water Heater?

Solar energy is free, and there is no shortage of it, and the best part is it has no carbon footprint. If anyone is considering to get away from hydropower and gas, it is a great alternative. Residents of the areas that receive a lot of sunlight and lucky because almost 80% of the radiations are turned into heat energy.

It does require an initial investment to install but in the long run, saves a lot of energy bills. The investment on stainless steel solar water heater will pay off in the form of electricity savings. The water heating bill is likely to drop down to 80% which is huge.

The solar heating water system is easy to maintain; in fact, it doesn’t even require a lot of maintenance which makes it, even more, cost-effective. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, and it lasts longer; that is why this material is often recommended for solar heating systems.

Two Types Of Solar Water Heater

There are various types of solar heaters out of which two are pressurized solar water heater and non-pressurized solar water heater. As we all know China is a hub of manufacturers, so naturally Chinese pressurized solar water heater is well-known and trusted.

Special cases where solar collectors are far from the taps and showers call for the pressurized solar heaters for example hotels. They have a closed loop and a circulation pump which constantly pumps the water through the solar collectors. That’s how water is always hot whenever a tap is opened.

Chinese pressurized solar water heater is best for commercial use where long pipelines run, and they are not really common for domestic use. Whereas, the non-pressurized solar water heater is suitable for homes.

It uses gravity to supply hot water which makes it cheaper than the pressurized ones. The water is pumped to the tank which is placed at a height mostly at roofs. The reason it is called non-pressurized is tanks and tubes are not pressurized.

Both of these systems have different cases where they are suitable which doesn’t decrease the value of either one them. These are not really in competition with each other.

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