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All Glass Vacuum Tubes

All glass vacuum tube (full glass Al-N-Al vacuum tube)

Normal all-glass vacuum tube

• Product specialty:

Apply for two layers 3.3 high borosilicon glass tube
● The two layers glass tube, with same axis is vacuumed between them, the vacuum degree can reach 5×10-2Pa.
● Coated with AL/N/AL selective absorbing coating material
● High absorbing efficiency: the vacuum magnetic -control sputtering selective absorptive coatings on the heat-collecting plates has a high absorption coefficient of more than 93%, and the emission coefficient around 6%.
● Long life: the life span can reach 15 years.
● High practicability: able to endure impact of hail less than 25mm in diameter with high heat efficiency throughout the year.

• Technical data table:

model type Φ47x 1.5m Φ58x 1.8m
outside-tube diameter Φ47 Φ58
inner-tube diameter Φ37 Φ47
wall thickness 1.5mm 1.5mm
Wall gap distance 0.7mm
Length 1.5m 1.8m
outside-tube diaphaneity 0.92 0.92
selective absorbing coating AL/N/AL AL/N/AL
absorbing coefficient 0.93 0.93
reflective coefficient 0.06 0.06
vacuum degree P≤5×10-2Pa P≤5×10-2Pa
the highest temperature 250℃
anti-impact capability ≤Φ 25mm (hail)
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