Chinese Pressurized Solar Water Heater
September 18, 2018
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Stainless Steel Solar Water Heater

MegSun compact non-pressurized solar water heaters relies on the natural circulation of water between the collector and the tank or heat exchanger. As water in the vacuum tubes is heated it rises naturally into the tank, while cooler water in the tank flows down to the bottom of the vacuum tubes, causing circulation throughout the system.


Compact Solar Water Heater (MS series) :
Compact Solar Water Heater MS series) relies on density of the water, cold water down, hot water up, a cosmical physics. To circulate water through the collectors and the tank. When water in the collectors is heated up, it becomes lighter and naturally rises into the tank. Meanwhile, cooler water in the tank flows down to the collectors.
In this type of installation, the tank must be together with the collectors. These systems are reliable and relatively inexpensive but be careful with the installation, because the water tank is much heavier than that you thought.
Compact Solar Water Heater (MS series) can work without circulating pump. when the aid electric breaks down, it can’t affect the working of the whole system. This makes the systems generally more reliable, easier to maintain, and has a long living life. This type much cheaper than the others, but are also generally less efficient due to slower water flow rates through the system.


◎ Cheap and reliable solution, Simple structure, Easy installation
◎ High efficiency
◎ Withstands water pressure no more than 0.1MPa
◎ Operated without any power supplying
◎ Electric heater can be used 1500W or 3000W
◎ Hot water can be used directly, or can be used as a pre-heat


Length Of Tube 1500mm 1800mm
Diameter Of Tube 47mm 58mm
Number Of Tube 15 18 20 24 30 15 18 20 24 30
Collect Area 1.69 2.03 2.25 2.70 3.38 1.92 2.16 2.40 2.88 3.60
Material Of Out Tank SUS304-2B stainless steelAluminizing Zinc plate
Heat Preservation layer Foaming polyurethane,Thickness:55mm
Inner Tank SUS304-2B stainless steel, components C:<=0.07% Cr:17.00~19.00% Ni:8.00~10.00% Thickness:0.4mm
Stand Stainless profiled SteelSteel with surface plastic painting
Angle Of Stand 38°45° for tilted roof
Reflector Plate/Strip ( Stainless Steel )
Daily Efficiency >50%
Optional Electric Heater 1500w/3000w

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