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September 18, 2018
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September 18, 2018
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Split Collector


The system could be mounted on the southern roof of the villa,on the courtyard lawn, or the southern slope of the construction. The hot water could be delivered to any floor without limitation. The system has adopted the forced circulation (automatic control) work module to control the temperature automatically and deliver water by pressurization. So it has solved the long time inconveniences of manual operation. The system only needs small amount of investment, and it’s easy to handle. Moreover, it’s safe, convenient and energy saving, causing no pollution to the environment, so it’s complemented as “Green Project” by the experts.

The composition of the systemThe solar water heating system is consisted of solar collector, heat preservation water tank, solar power workstation and the pipe. The solar collector is consisted of super conducting vacuum heat collecting tube and header, so it’s of great efficiency of heat collecting. The absorbing percentage of the glass vacuum collector is more than 94%. In the sunny days of spring or autumn, each collecting tube could make the water up to 90℃only in 2.5 hours. The water tank uses SUS 304 2B stainless steel as internal bladder and polyurethane integral foaming as heat preservation material to improve the heat preservation ability. And it makes the system be used as usual under minus 30 ℃. The high corrosion-resistant and good heat preservation PPR pipe is used as the system’s pipe, so it adds the good efficiency and long service of the system.

The principle of the system:1.The collector applies the fourth generation of solar collector—heat pipe vacuum collector to transfer the solar power to heat energy.
2. When the temperature of TC(the temperature of the collector) is higher than that of TR(the temperature of the water tank), the controlling device will start the circulating pump.
3. The circulating pump makes the working medium circulate in the system.
4. The heat is transferred from the heat collector to the water tank by the heat exchanger
5. During the working process of the circulating pump, when the temperature difference is less than a set point, the circulating pump will stop.
6. When TR (the temperature of the water tank) reaches the highest of set point, the controlling device will close the circulating pump.
7. The electrical heating device will automatically make the temperature of the above part of water tank stay at the set point.

The characteristics:

1. The collector and the water tank are separated, and the system runs under the forced pressure.
2. The controlling device is specialized, so the system runs automatically.
3. The water tank can be installed anywhere.
4. The heat pipe vacuum tube collector is two circuit system, free of freezing and could be used all year.
5. The metal super– conducting vacuum heat collector is used, no water in the tube, no bursting and could be used as usual under minus30℃.
6. The water tank applies with the enamel internal bladder, runs under pressure.
7. Provide the water at the same temperature, set the highest temperature, heat the water at set point by electricity, protecting the data when power off, supply the hot water 24 hours a day.
8. The system is designed separately, in harmony with the structure.
9. The heat collector could be mounted on the balcony veranda, the southern wall, sloping roof or awning.
10. The system is designed as unit, convenient to transport.


The characteristic of each part:

1. Heat collector: Sectional metal vacuum heat pipe collector.
2. The water tank: Enamel internal bladder electrical water tank.
3. The circulating pump: UPS system imported from Germany, energy saving, low noise and long service.
4. The frame of heat collector and the water tank.
5. The controller: imported from Germany, stable and complete in function.
6. The workstation: The main parts are imported from Italy to ensure the safe and reliable running of the closed system.
7. The pipe: the copper tube is suggested.
8. The heat preservation material.

The principle of the follow chart:

Manifold Casing Material 304 Stainless Steel of Powder Coated Aluminium
Frame Material 304 Stainless Steel. or aluminum alloy
Header Pipe Material C12200 Copper
Insulation Polyurethane 55mm
Rubber Seals and Rings UV stabilized high temperature silicon rubber
Optimal installation angle 30-70°Vertical,0°Horizontal
Maximum Operating Pressure 6bar-85psi
Pressure Drop 700Pa@3.3L/min for 20 tube manifold(SRCC)
Optimal flow rate 0.1L/min/tube-0.026G/min/tube
Performance Data(SPF) Conversion Factor: ho=0.717
Loss Coefficients:a1=1.52,a2=0.0085





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