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Wall Mounted Solar Water Heater

The mounting kits are designed with keeping in mind that they must be easy to install and not sore to eyes. Once installed there will be no hurdles, and you can be tension free. The wall mounted solar water heater manufactured by us is one of the few very best heaters you can get.

The circulation of water is unstoppable by the external factors, and it is bound to work in extreme conditions as well. It will not look lousy appearance wise after it is mounted where you want it to which is an additional factor. The aesthetics matter to us, and that is why we designed our products with perfection.

Wall Mounted Heater Suppliers in China

Meg Sun is one of the best wall mounted solar water heater supplier in China, and the clients are delighted with the products they have invested in. Happy clients are the most significant testimony for any organization, and we have a lot of them. The best quality wall mounted heaters are available in the great prices here.

Integrated pressure solar system Working principle:

  1. The high quality vacuum tubes absorb the wall mounted solar water heater and visible light; conduct the heat to super conduct heat pipe, the liquid water in the heat pipe change to the vapor, then exchange heat with the cold water in the water tank.
  2. The hot water rises in the top of the water tank, and the cold water sink to bottom then heat by heat pipe. So the whole system is always circulating continuously.
  3. So the water in the water tank will be hotter and hotter.
  4. The hot can flow out the tank because of the pressure of cold water. So the solar system can be placed in the yart meanwhile supplying the hot water to the higher place.
  5. The whole system can endure high pressure according to  the pressure-bearing technology.The testing pressure is 10bar at least.


  1. It can be installed on the ground or low building roof.
  2. It specially used in cold area and it can endure -25Celsius degree low temperature without explode.
  3. The vacuum tube never has the deposition and need little time to maintain and clean it.
  4. It can increase the work efficiency compare to common model.
  5. Its life span is above 15years.
  6. It can operate under 8Bar (0.8Mpa) high pressure.


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